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Cotton House

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[Poland]Sport trausers

Sport trausers - School cloting[...]


[Poland]The cloths and accessories for babies (newly born babies)

GIRAFFA MINI COLLECTION The collection was made of ‘Polar’ – 100% polyester and cotton 100% Sizes: 68-92[...]


[Poland]Hotel towels

HOTEL TOWELS The product Gramatura Weight Rozmiar Size Ręcznik Towel 470g/m2 50x100 Ręcznik Towel 470g/m2 70x140 Myjka Lira Bath towel Lira 470g/m2 30x30 Awokado 560g/m2 50x100 Awokado 560g/m2 70x150 We put emroidery with Your logo on each piece of the product. We make extraordinary sizes of the towels.[...]